Third Wave Coffee

Third Wave Coffee is looking at coffee through its landscape, just like wine. In its pure expression, free from the doom of whipped cream, toppings and caramel macciatos, a fine cup can tell stories about its place in the sun.

In Costa Rica, coffee usually grows in enchanted pristine mountain slopes, amidst the colorfulness of this exotic paradise. These highlands unwove magically along the many hundreds of kilometers of back-roads that meander our countryside. Once you come across their hypnotic passages, it?s very hard to leave them. They are the purest expression of our land and culture, and also they are irresistibly gorgeous. Beware: you might get kidnapped by them too, as I have!


They are also home to our hardworking peasants, and nestle their villages and communities. The cycle of the land and its ? golden grain? is the cycle of their lives too. Harvesting, drying and roasting are their centenary crafts, sometimes handed down form generation to generation. This tradition has made Costa Rica a heaven for specialty coffee. So, skilled brewing was the logical follow-up act in order to bring this sacred cycle to a deserved (pre) conclusion. Though the cycle?s actual conclusion is when the landscape reaches your avid taste buds! If you close your eyes you can travel our country in a cup?


There are more and more establishments in Costa Rica riding the crest of this exciting wave right now, and the movement has been going on for some years, and growing quickly too. So now these landscapes can be said to have many ?galleries? in the shape of specialty natural processed coffee retailers, depicting their magical atmospheres, and adding meaning and content to our vigorous cultural scene.


Try it out!