Costa Rica's

The green coffee exhibits characteristic bluish tones. The beverage presents a very good body that ensures, among other things, a long and pleasant aftertaste. It has a fine and balanced acidity in relation to the sweeter notes.

Tres Ríos is located a few kilometers east of the capital, San José. It was created in 1820 by the expansion of the Central Valley’s coffee farms activity into the provinces, which continued through the 1840’s and well into the middle of the twentieth century.

The lands here are influenced by winds from the Pacific watershed and the presence of the Irazú Volcano, which have favored the creation of a gourmet drink known as “Costa Rica’s Bordeaux.” Tres Ríos enjoys well-defined wet and dry seasons. The land produces a bean of characteristic physical hardness and closed fissures. This bean is called Strictly Hard Bean Central (SHB Central).

As a coffee region, Tres Ríos is small and very homogenous in climate and soils, which present a degree of tropical acidity, due to volcanic ashes, and are rich in organic matter, presenting a good texture.