Restaurante Kalú

Kalú is a Kuna Yala (an indigenous ethnic group in Panama) term that signifies “place of reunion and amusement”. Literally, this is what this restaurant is about; the human expressions that flourish around a served table. The act of eating in the company of others is and has always been a cornerstone of our civilization, a sacred ritual in which communion between fellow human beings is established – a habit worth preserving in today’s increasingly individualistic and busy lifestyle. Owned by Camille Ratton, noted Costa Rican-French chef, the menu is composed of creative and original dishes that combine the best traits of international cuisine, made with fresh, carefully selected ingredients. Breakfast, soups, salads, tapas, sandwiches, main courses, children’s plates, deserts and coffees are offered, as well as an extensive drink menu. Everything is fresh and made daily including bread, deserts and preserves.