Boutique Kiosco SJO

Kiosco SJO seeks to showcase Costa Rican design talent; it offers a selection of finely crafted local products that stand out for their authenticity, sustainable production methods and socio-­‐cultural values. These make up material representations of Costa Rica’s urban culture. An interesting story lies behind every one of them and their knowledgeable staff will be sure to tell it to you if you ask them for it.

All the makers have the opportunity to receive feedback from the staff on areas such as design, material selection and commercial strategy, and are encouraged to innovate and strive for quality.

Additionally, Boutique Kiosco SJO selects and curates the artwork of promising Costa Rican talents. Periodical exhibitions take place within the house; the pieces are available for purchase, functioning as a gallery that encourages and promotes the work of new local artists.