Costa Rica 8 Coffee Regions

Costa Rica is located in Central America, to the South of Nicaragua and to the North of Panama. It has an area of 51.000 SquareKm and a population of approximately 5 million inhabitants. The official language is Spanish, and the capital is San José.

Costa Rica preserves a significant part of the national territory -about 13,000 square kilometers, or 8,077 square miles-in the form of national parks and reserves. This amounts to close to 25% of the country, divided into over 30 protected areas.

Costa Rica holds over 90.000 known species; approximately 4,5% of the world’s known biodiversity.

The country’s privileged geographical position, between two continental masses and two oceans, along with its varied topography, has provided Costa Rica with numerous microclimates, that enable a high diversity of ecosystems to exist in a relatively small area. This also explains the variety of exceptional coffees that are harvested in Costa Rica’s eight coffee regions, each possessing its own distinct characteristics.